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Ski Resorts


We provide Independent advisory services for design & construction, from the operator’s perspective. This is done to ensure that all progress being made is applicable and practical.  Definition of concept and creating a marketing strategy composed of products, services, and experiences found within your business area are also services we provide. Identification of key business units are imperative to an area’s successful development.  We provide the vision necessary to capitalise on business opportunities.

We estimate the potential (revenues, costs and investments) of your ski resort to make sure that your vision is realistic, fundable and socio-economically sustainable. We provide, a business plan, an analysis of cost and efficiency in investment, as well as study company positioning and feasibility within the market. We also cover the supervision of suppliers during construction, this guarantees the proper execution of work. Our goal is to precisely indicate how to achieve the maximum ski area permitted with the lowest investment possible without jeopardizing the skier’s safety, quality, and comfort .

Specialized services:


Our services include the provision of technical studies that measure a business's feasibility within the market. In order to measure a resort’s feasibility, we conduct on-site visits, assessments that serve to identify the ski resort's potential while considering natural resources and legal framework, as well as understanding limitations whether they be legal, technical or environmental. We analyse maps, documentation and existing studies in order to maximize use of land available with minimum investment. We create cost-effective land use planning and determine what zones require inspection. We view the site from various perspectives to ensure that your ski resort is technically feasible.

We do Preliminary Studies & Data Collection, that includes everything from desk research to meeting with local stakeholders. The location of the areas, as well as its topography, geology and hydrology will be examined in order to determine the potential activities that are suitable to the area and devise a development plan. Our Social and Environmental Impact Assessment measures community involvement and takes sociologically sensitive issues into account. We believe that the local community should be protected and that business expansion can be positive to local growth.


This phase focuses on four key components which include the creation of the conceptual master plan, the schematic design, the design’s development and the sorting of construction documents. In order to complete this stage, we conduct on-site visits, provide technical support and supply a market analysis. We create the ski resort concept and its business model. Within this practice we create the portfolio of products and business units, this can include ski rentals, F&B, winter and summer activities, ski schools, as well as other facilities like: lifts, snowmaking system, technical buildings, hotel facilities, accesses, service buildings, etc.

We execute a developmental proposal complete with infrastructure requirements. We offer expertise and create master plans oriented towards attracting investors and increasing profitability.


A ski resort is a complex network, made up of slopes, ski runs lifts, snowgun lines, access routes, technical buildings, parking, etc. Therefore, initial planning, optimizing, and adapting of all these elements is crucial to the construction and future operation of a ski area in terms of investment and operation costs, users’ comfort and skiers’ safety.

Our more than 60 years of experience in ski resort design allows us to identify key aspects to focus on when designing a new ski resort or expanding an old one. Location, access, orientation, safety, lifts optimization, zones differentiation, etc., are elements that always considered when carrying out the design.


Due to the capital-intensive nature of ski resorts it is imperative that a company be cost effective and find sizing measurements that appropriately suit it. Our extensive experience with providers of different technologies within the market (lifts, snow making systems, snow grooming machines, snowmobiles, access control systems, protection and signalization materials, ski equipment, etc) allows us to serve as advisories to guarantee proper solutions while avoiding unnecessary costs.


PGI determines your project’s viability by evaluating the profitability of each business unit. From real estate residences and hotels, to ski passes and equipment rentals, we make sure all activities and facilities are heeded. You will receive a complex and detailed study of each component of the resort, thanks to the advanced professional financial model that we use. Our know-how in ski business and resort management can do wonders for your business.

We offer a series of key recommendations that will allow you to optimize various branches of your business as well as attract new investors. We will issue these recommendations based on a complex financial analysis of the resort, and our overall experience. Our methods are professional and aligned with international standards.

Our experience in managing the revenue, operating expenses and investments of more than 20 ski resorts is what sets us apart from other companies. At PGI, we do much more than advise you. We go beyond ski consulting and offer more than your average mountain advisory company. We offer a consolidated experience governed by the industry’s best international practices in order to optimize both client experience and station operations.

At PGI, we work to make the vision of your ski resort a reality. We help you reach your full potential so that your resort becomes both profitable and successful.



To achieve long-term advantages, it is important you devise the best business plan possible. One that will give you a competitive advantage and challenge us to be as innovative as possible.

Our company, PGI, has spent years helping customers turn their ideas into wonderful realities. Our success in managing and advising ski resorts is all thanks to the creation and development of business plans that, meet international ski standards, follow models based on the teaching of some of the most prestigious business schools and companies in the world. In essence: we analyze the context, establish the vision and exhaustively study each and every one of the elements needed to achieve our set goal.

We do this by identifying the target audience of your mountain resort. These socio-demographic, behavioral or motivational variables, amongst others, will help you to get to know your potential market and cross-reference that with what it is your product offers. The creation of a products and services portfolio is completed once we have a clear Value Proposition that will be powerful and clear enough to completely differentiate you from your competitors. In addition to this portfolio, which highlights unique and memorable experiential activities, the Proposal includes price modalities, classification by themes and differentiating elements. These components will establish the basis for establishing the positioning, the brand and, if necessary, the sub-brands. The next step is to determine the marketing channels of your ski resort, internal and external, to sell the products included in the portfolio. Likewise, the communication channels will activate, elaborating a media plan that will optimize the investment and its results. Continuing the relationship with the customer is also necessary to generate repetition, and to achieve this, the necessary marketing actions will be established through social networks and actions that generate an emotional link.

If you want your ski resort to be profitable and successful, you need a comprehensive Business Plan that offers creative solutions. Count on us, and you will have it. We know how to make a profitable mountain resort and how to increase ski resorts profitability.



PGI Management creates an efficient management tool otherwise known as a Project Management Office (PMO). Its goals are to centralize and coordinate project management, provide strategic support to senior management and create a line of communication for all project stakeholders. The PMO manages to coordinate and streamline information from manufacturers, engineers to architects and any other providers involved.

The PMO tool assures that your project takes the correct steps needed during all its phases, including design, construction, and operation. Through it, you will receive valuable strategic support necessary to carry out the vision of your ski resort and effectively execute projects. Equally as important, we guarantee that all mountain resort key factors are evaluated and taken into account, from the technical viability to environmental impact as well as cost efficiency while operating.

Your PMO will also provide you with technical administrative management support, which is something to consider when preparing tenders and hiring providers. It will also certify the quality of all implemented projects. Through your PMO we will be responsible for the definition of the management methods and their implementation, including aspects like managing deliveries, time control, resources, and developing a methodology based on previous analyses. Trust your PMO. Trust in PGI Management. Why? Because as the international ski operator we are, we know what works and what doesn’t.



Through experience, we have detected a series of recurring problems that occur during a mountain resorts construction phase. Our years have taught us how to anticipate, react and devise a plan that will solve said issues because even the slightest deviation can cause a significant loss for your project. Having foresight is key to evading possible problems effectively.

We will be at your side guiding and offering specialized technical assistance during the construction process. Our understanding of everything from lifts, slopes, buildings, snow production systems, ticketing, access parking or any other area of your ski resort allows you to confide in our services and expertise.

To achieve this, we have the most experienced technical experts and the best-qualified training engineers. Our goal is to ensure that our customers' mountain resorts are optimized and ready for operation. We make sure your construction is done in the best conditions and achieves the best results. We look to minimize deviations, maximize efficiency, and keep you informed throughout the process. Make your ski resort profitable. With PGI, you can.


We are the mountain resort advisor that will help you get your ski resort operating in a safe and efficient way. We are committed proving aid every step of the way while focusing on increasing company profitability.

Within this practice we include the services necessary to manage, operate and develop the mountain resort successfully. In this sense, the customer can choose the scope of the service required. We offer everything from specific support to the outsourcing of all services required. We carry out a range of Ski Area Operations which include everything from avalanche control, to ski lift and slope operations and maintenance. We are experts in handling snow treatments and equipment as well as managing ticketing systems, ski schools, stores and rental facilities. These branches are controlled by our own methodology system which tracks and records operations. Efficiency is measured by our operation plans which include SOP’s (Standard Operation Procedures) that involve all aspects of the operations: Ski lifts, slopes, snow production and snow grooming, ticketing, etc. As mountain resort management experts, take care of operations, maintenance and emergency plans, while always adhering to international ski standards.

Specialized services:



Once everything is up and running it is important it stays that way, which is why here, at PGI, we identify the key success factors and focus on maintaining those up to par. We evaluate sections of the resort that are imperative to success, something we are able to do thanks to our vast experience and efficient methodology. We guarantee smooth sailing. We are the mountain resort advisor that will help you get your ski resort going and operating in a safe and efficient way. We will be by your side along the way as we work towards the common goal of increasing your ski resort’s profitability.

As mountain resort management experts, we also take care of operation, maintenance and emergency plans. We follow international ski standards and handle the training of personnel. It is our job to ensure that your mountain resort workforce performs at their best. We strive for constant improvement until your ski resort manages to run itself autonomously.

We operate everything from avalanche control, to ski lift and slope operations, maintenance, snow treatment, snow production and equipment usage, as well as managing ticketing systems, ski schools, stores and rentals. Everything is tracked and controlled through our own recording methodology. To guarantee the efficiency of this management, we create operation plans including SOP’s (Standard Operation Procedures) that involve all aspects of the operations.

Let’s set the standard for all ski resorts across the world!



At PGI, we offer guidance on the main marketing and sales activities of your Ski Resort. We help you conceptualize and establish your product’s position in the market. We also have the ability to define your prices, sales strategies, and create advertising material so we can promote your product and represent you during fairs and/or events.
We will be by your side to conceptualize and establish your product positioning, to define your prices and sales strategies. To have your advertising material ready and to promote your participation in fairs and events.

We will supply you with technical assistance in sales and marketing and we will be by your side at the time of getting it all going, especially, the implementation and configurations of the sales funnels (reservations systems and others). On a B2B (Business to business) level, we will catch the attention of the main agencies and tour operators, and on a B2C (Business to Consumer) level we will implement the website, social networks, apps and other products.
As an international ski resort advisory, we guarantee efficient marketing and sales strategies, recruitment of potential customers and the creation of a strong brand for your Ski Resort. These efforts will set you apart from the competition and keep you relevant to the customers. We create the committees necessary to guarantee the proper management of the Project and all tasks at hand. Our committees cover everything from supervision to operations.

With PGI’s team of ski resort consultants, you will have the most market exhaustive analysis available, you will know get to see your product from a different perspective and get to know the audience interested in it. With PGI you will have the most adequate sales channels at your disposition, and with the best material to advertise it. With PGI you will establish strategic partnerships, you will have the management ability and access to all the necessary resources for your mountain business’s success.


We advise and create an organizational structure that serves as a template for international events and championships. Our service includes the application of the experience we have acquired through our arrangement of World Cups in skiing as well as World Championships. We offer technical assistance in mountain operations to ensure an event’s proper development.

We have a wide experience in organizing some of the most important Championships all over the world including; the Alpine Skiing World Cup, the Freeride Junior World Championships, and the Winter Universiade. We can also provide our expertise in organizing events such as the Red Bull Shakh Carpet, Red Bull Home Run, Spartan Race and any other type of largescale show that will give our client’s visibility.


In this area we include all the necessary services for the improvement and growth of a mountain destination business. This includes elaboration of business strategy and operational plan, as well as an analysis of process redesign.  Our know-how paired with our experience in mountain tourism allows us to correctly identify potential growth elements. Once the client decides to develop the within market, we provide them with a team of qualified agents who will then dedicate themselves to converting said opportunities into reality.

We can elevate a small classic ski resort, only open during winter season, in to a year-round quality resort. This will significantly increase turnover as well as provide staffing incentive like, the possibility of long-term contract.  We discover potential growth areas by implementing our Valuation Services and or our Mystery Guest program. With all the information gathered we will be able to help our clients improve the quality of their services and operations.

Specialized services:



To increase the profit of your resort, it’s necessary to evolve, and to evolve, is better to do it with the best professionals. At PGI, we have been helping our customers around the world for over half a century. We are specialists in ski advisory, and we believe it’s time for your mountain resort to take a giant leap into greatness. At PGI, we offer growth by finding possible improvements in ways that best suit the needs of your ski resort. Our team of experts analyzes the potential of the mountain by defining, and strategizing ways to enter your ski resort into the national and or international sector. Through a complete diagnosis we are able to decipher the equipment and infrastructure needed in order to expand the resort and create a new and dynamic resort. We will make a complete diagnosis of each one of its sectors. Taking into account the study carried out for each sector, the resort as a whole, and its market, PGI will propose different methods and criteria needed for modernization and the capturing of new demand segments.

Our advice is specific to the needs and wants of each ski resort. Some resort’s might need to focus on expanding their services portfolio: restaurant services, winter and summer outdoor activities, snow parks, back country slopes, beginners' areas, whereas others might need to focus on capturing an entirely new market. PGI grants you the peace of mind and confidence needed to increase profitability and work towards a bright and modern future for your resort.


We help ski resorts to move from a winter orientation to year-round activities through the creation of activities, creation of experiences, organization of events, offering operational and organizational flexibility in different businesses (hospitality, F&B, activities, retail, etc.). All this will help ski resorts gain in differentiation, relevance and added value and increase profitability.



Our years of serving as expert ski management advisors, provide us with the tools necessary to make a qualified evaluation of your station’s viability. In order to issue our assessment, we carry out a study of mountain resorts of similar dimensions. This competitive analysis takes various variables into account, such as the average price of resort passes during the last few years, the number of passes sold, the average expense per customer, and the number of services among others. We also analyze other sectorial data such as demand and the historical development of the competitiveness of other stations and compare revenue, operational costs and capital expenditures.
In short, we ensure that your income projection is feasible for both the short and long term. We strive for efficiency that will save you considerable amount of time and expenses. We guarantee that your future, is a great future.


The objective of this service is to assess how much a ski resort is worth, through business audits, analysis of growth perspectives, and the comparison of international transaction benchmarks. We examine the state of facilities, operation ratios, economic and financial business ratios, business strategy, future growth capacity, and the generation of cash flow from the ski resort. We compare these figures to those of a similar business and use them as ‘health’ indicators.


We evaluate customer touch points in order to assess the quality of the customer experience throughout the ski resort. We review services and locations by identifying strengths and improving weaknesses in terms of customer service, state of facilities, product quality and others. This serves as a method to improve customer satisfaction as well as increase profitability.


This area focuses on efficiency in order to reduce costs, achiever better customer satisfaction, and reduce risk. We focus on resort operation policies and procedures, as well as different areas within operations, maintenance, rescue, emergency plans, avalanche management plans, customer service, snow production plans, snow grooming, etc. We also formulate plans and prepare trainings focused on improving standards and efficiency. Our goal is to reduce costs, achieve greater customer satisfaction, and reduce risks.


The objective is to help our clients’ staff acquire top international standards. We support professionals (ski resorts, official bodies and/or ski business managers) in order to improve ski resort performance and obtain better results. We create maintenance plans for ski operations, provide locals with training on how to maintain day-to-day operations, give formation on how to run ski grooming machinery, snowmaking system, lifts, etc. We handle the training of personnel in systematic and professional way.  Whether we are training staff or management, we focus on both theoretical and practical situations.

We give our full support during the first stages of training while focusing on safety, customer care and the implementation of maintenance programs. This way, your mountain resort workforce will perform its tasks better progressively, until the ski resort reaches a level of autonomous management. We provide official trainings and certifications for your ski instructors that are in line with and recognised by the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA). We can also provide training to your sales & marketing team. These trainings will help to improve your staff’s expertise and have a direct impact on sales.

Specialized services:


PGI specialists have a large experience acquired in several ski resorts around the world and have reached the highest trainings skills provided by some of the most reputed official organizations such as S.N.T.F. (Société Nationale de Télépheriques de France) or the A.D.S.P. (Association Nationale des Directeurs de Pistes et de la Sécurité de Stations de Sports d'Hiver). They have a wide background not only on ski operations but also in training teams on how to work in their area.

We cover management and assistance as well as the training of the staff of the ski resorts. We can train all the technical departments of a ski resort including; lifts, ski patrol, snow grooming, snowmaking and ticketing. Our training program covers a high variety of areas including but not limited to staff tasks, technical operations, control and maintenance, emergency management, safety organization, customer care, etc.


Having a ski school, with professional instructors, is an important part of any ski resort. Even more so when the area lacks a strong ski culture and tradition. Therefore, we do our best to ensure quality instruction. We assist ski and snowboarding monitors through the first three levels of their certification process: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. We also help the novice get their license and improve their skills to be able to work at any ski resort around the world.

PGI ski instructors have been trained in some of the world’s most recognised ski instructor organisations, such as E.S.F. (École Française de Ski) and ARASIA (Russian Ski Instructors Federation). New ski instructors can become professionals in no time, without having had previous experience in either ski or snowboarding. Also, these new instructors can be certified by our staff, and certified by using the ARASIA process. We can create a team of instructors and monitors and place them at your fingertips.


We train personnel, both theoretically and practically. We do this so that mountain resort operations progressively improve their functionality until they manage to run autonomously. We offer maintenance training for ski lifts, slopes, snow grooming machines, artificial snow making machines, etc.

Properly maintaining facilities and equipment is key to providing good performance. Ski components must receive the appropriate care in order for them to remain safe and efficient. Having a major failure on a lift for example will have a very negative impact on our users’ comfort experience as well as our ski resort image.

Our lift staff has extensive experience in both construction and operation, with some of the most well-known companies including but not limited to Doppelmayr, Poma, Leitner, Technoalpin, Sufag, and Kassbohrer. We will train your staff in both operations and maintenance, while focusing on preventative maintenance. We not only explain “what needs to be done”, in order to run a successful resort, we explain “why it needs to be done”. This distinction educates staffers on the reasons behind certain actions and gives them a complete understanding of the ins and outs of the business. We believe that understanding why, as well as the consequences behind actions that are not performed correctly will mentalize your staff and prepare them to be the best version of their professional selves.


Our marketing and sales specialists help ski resorts conceptualize and establish their product’s position in the marketplace. We help define their pricing strategy as well as their offline and online sales strategy. We prepare advertising materials in order to increase participation and visibility during fairs and events.

Thanks to PGI staff’s deep knowledge of the ski sector and its singularities, we can assist you in creating a new market strategy that will have a positive impact within a short amount of time. We’ll assist you in the definition of your pricing strategy as well as the offline and online sales strategy. We do this various different ways, including making sure staff is up to date on the latest marketing global trends, aiding in the transition and expansion of products offered, improving customer relations via social media, creating large scale events, and much more.


We teach ski resort managers how to delegate and coordinate between departments to create and implement a strategic work plan. This is done by addressing important skiing factors to develop deep understanding and effective leadership skills. The goal is to have these skills manifest into efficient operations and higher sales.

As is the case for all companies, management forms a critical part in defining whether or not a business will be successful. Luckily, our 60 years of experience in ski resorts management has given us important insight into the world of executive training. It is time we can transfer our knowledge to companies that can benefit from it. We can educate management staff on how to define and implement strategies, increase leadership, delegate, work in teams, as well as keep teams motivated and communicated. The goal is to have these skills manifest into efficient operations and higher sales.